Our goal at Collin Vest Ltd. is to help our customers express themselves through fashion. Like any living thing, humans have developed adaptations for them to fit into their environments. This brand realizes that clothing is the easiest way for us as humans to achieve that. Whether you dress to fit in, to stand out, or to appeal to a certain group, we are here to help others realize that what they wear on the outside is a reflection of themselves.

          Collin Vest Ltd. started out as a brand that specialized in making handmade garments for friends and family. Early on, all sales were by commission, with each product being designed, developed, and produced as a 1/1 for every customer. As we continue growing, we plan on expanding our ready to wear line as well and strengthening our atelier side of the business. Our mission is to give our customers clothes that are not only personal to them, but will gain value as they age. We urge all of our customers to repair our garments as they age, because we feel that the best fitting clothes are the ones that have adapted to you.