Classic Influence, Contemporary Design

I'd say a good portion of my inspiration comes from two main factors: the natural world and my love of movies. These two interests of mine influence everything I create and together they work in harmony checking all the boxes of what I consider a great design.

I can attribute a lot of color schemes, patterns, and graphics to the vast biological diversity I was surrounded with growing up in Southern California. Between the deserts, beaches, and mountains in this area, I gained respect for the different ways life was able to sustain itself in equally unique ways. Because of Natural Selection and Adaptation, each piece to an ecosystem is designed to near perfection for whichever situation it will face and that is a motif I hold dearly when I design clothes.

With movies I get a different type of influence. If it wasn't somewhat obvious, I am a huge fan of 1960's fashion. Films such as, Bullitt (1968), Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019), and The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (1966), all left huge impressions on me as a designer. The silhouettes of the era combined with the overall tones of these movies help me to create content in many different ways for my company.

It is often said to not judge a book by its cover but our personal style often comes from experiences, influences, and interests. Like animals or plants, what we look like on the outside can paint a perfect picture of where we fit into our ecosystem.