Our Handmade Clothing

This is without a doubt my favorite side of the business. Not only do I get to test out new designs that I want to execute, but I have the chance to work closely with my customers and give them something designed uniquely for them. Listening to input from clients on how they like their pants to fit, what materials they like and dislike, and why they prefer a certain style of jacket over another continues to fuel my love of making clothes. Knowing that my hard work will be cherished by somebody who will get a full use out of their purchase is something I have always sought after as an entrepreneur.

Currently, I consult, design, and manufacture every commission that comes through the company which allows me to have full oversight on each and every piece that our clients request. Obviously it won't remain like that forever as I plan on expanding in the future, but I plan on putting together a tight group of other talented seamstresses, designers, and artists to ensure that every product from Collin Vest Ltd. is made with extreme care and high regard for our customers.

All of my handmade products are constructed with luxury grade materials, most of them are sourced from Italy. This includes all of the wools and about 65% of any other fabrics I use. Just about all of my other textiles are milled in the US which includes a good portion of the cotton fabrics I work with. Whether it be a selvedge denim trucker jacket or an Italian wool beach blanket, anything with my logo on it is top of the line and will never fail to impress.